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USB to Bluetooth 4.0 adapter with…

For greater clarity, I combined both measurements into one graph: which clearly shows where it was necessary to do correction for bass, but I had no idea that the high frequencies in that version were a little less received … although I do not completely exclude the effect of warming up, because they have pleased me for quite a long time since then. Let me remind you how it was then (deep bass is a little squandered), but this is how it should have been: As a result, due to more accurate measurement, without the influence of the sound card, they turn out to be more even than I could show it then – I apologize for that.

USB to Bluetooth 4.0 adapter with AptX Ugreen US192. but already now (from the 8th to the 16th) promotional codes apply to the brand’s products: I myself asked the seller for this module, since the old one for some reason ceased to be useful (at the most inopportune moment) and unexpectedly received consent, and for this I will only show what I asked it for, well, a little on the characteristics . This procedure took 6.5 minutes, despite the fact that the distance was up to a meter; if the distance is increased to five meters, then the process is easily interrupted with an error, when an additional barrier to the signal appears, for example, a person. The adapter itself is not remarkable, just plastic with a cap and a loop < /p> And finally, to measure the file transfer speed, I uploaded a video file of ~ 80mb from a smartphone to a PC. I return to the situation when aptX-enabled headphones did not want to work with my module via SBC and I had to apply an additional conversion from the analog (because of which the measurements turned out to be not very accurate and I asked for a correction in the bass). Otherwise, the module suits me completely. Goodbye. In the footsteps of the "manual" The number decides in such a case! There is also a high bitrate for “CD” quality and low latency if necessary. When connected, the module is automatically recognized in the system (Win.10) and starts working, that’s just in my opinion, without the ability to use aptX (at least, there are no messages about this) … but it’s worth installing the driver from the disk, rebooting and the bluetooth icon “CSR Harmony” appears in the tray with the settings, I select the headphones to pair and voila! The aptX logo appears for a fraction of a second, indicating that the corresponding device is connected: and headphones appear in the connected devices From what it is on the surface, it will work with almost all Bluetooth devices, including keyboards and mice, speakers, headsets and printers, but is fully compatible only with Windows, at the same time, it is certified by SRRC (National Radio Regulatory Commission of the People’s Republic of China – first time I hear) and is able to to the sound quality that only the aptX codec is capable of. Thank you for your attention. It looks like a rule – in the package there is a promotional insert and a Velcro tie, the device is in a blister with information, inside there is a software disk, inserts with instructions and a guarantee, the CSR8510 chip is used With this device, I decided to correct that not very correct situation and measure the headset already in the digital version. It seems like a trinket, but sometimes necessary.

In fact, you can use it without drivers on 10k (unless, of course, everything “started up”). I did not hear any difference in sound, but it is good.

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