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BMW X2 Reviews

Automatic, 8 gears and four-wheel drive. Acceleration to 100 km / h in 7 seconds, which is a lot for such a large and heavy car. Chose . more Dynamics is beyond praise. Ahead, the body is designed cool, looks expensive, solid. The ground clearance is large enough. One has only to carefully approach the choice of tires and wheels. Therefore, the new "Toyota" is not ho. more Taking into account the discount, I gave 2.2 million rubles for the car, it seems to me quite a normal price for an all-wheel drive crossover of a premium brand, although CASCO is very expensive – 120 thousand rubles. That is, the computer displayed a message that it did not work, although it kept normally. Despite the compact dimensions, the interior is quite spacious, the ergonomics are excellent. On the go, it’s a real BMW. All-wheel drive, wheels R19. In terms of design and dimensions, I liked the BMW X2 the most. All this I got for 2 million rubles. I also like that they turn around at her – the car is still rare with us. Otherwise, a great car, both for the city and for long-distance travel. As a result, we managed to knock out several options as a gift and another set of winter tires. The colors of the whole line are very cool. This is just the case when the first pancake is not lumpy. But in general the car is not soft. Rides – no worse than adult models, and maneuverability in urban conditions is perhaps even better. The dynamics are good, both for the city and for the highway, but the consumption for a diesel seems to me too big, on average about 8 liters per 100 km, in traffic jams more than 10 liters. Diesel. 2000 cc engine capacity and 190 horsepower. Then I was impressed by the specifications. For half a year I was waiting for this moment to give the most honest and objective assessment. Separately, not only all three backs of the rear seats are folded, but also the front passenger seat, thanks to which you can transport long items. Then he looked BMW X1, but did not suit the equipment. The children and the mother-in-law got into the Mini through the front. Very well thought out trunk, lots of compartments for small items. But definitely an SUV with a full set of doors. We took M-sport in the configuration: NBT Evo, optics – Full LED. Meet the BMW X2 xDrive20d SUV. I bought a BMW X2 by accident, before that I drove a Toyota RAV4 for seven years – a good car, reliable, but tired, I wanted to change my life. She even remembers driving style. At the same time, microscopic fuel consumption. The driver has a wide viewing angle, passengers enjoy spaciousness and soft seats. By the way, the trunk with a volume of 470 liters allows you to carry the necessary things or go out into the countryside. With a huge Something had to be finalized (I didn’t do it, my husband drove to the masters). The car is new, expensive, but the quality is fully consistent with the price. Stylish appearance, comfortable, compact. Average fuel consumption is moderate – 9-10 liters per 100 km. The design is a little off. I am delighted with it, a great gift from my husband for my DR. She is very reliable and calmly behaves in front of obstacles. It is convenient for me to be inside, despite my high growth of under 2 meters. Firstly, I was in no hurry to acquire, I prepared mentally, because I did not know that x. more BMW X2 – although small, but still a real "Bavarian". But the fact that navigation costs 218,000 rubles is already no good, why such money !? I had to take the car without it. Manageability, I already wrote – class. Therefore, I didn’t want to buy a new Toyota, I really like the Mazda CX-5 in appearance and driving performance, but the price, a car in a decent configuration costs more than 2.5 million rubles, why such money? I decided to see what they offer in the salons of premium brands. White color. After the MINI 4 doors just please. The only thing I don’t like is that the doors don’t cover the thresholds, so from autumn to spring they are always dirty. Now I’ll explain everything. Chairs are comfortable, salon spacious enough. I recommend 19 rims and 45 profile, but you can try 17 or 18 with 45 to 55 profile. I agree it could have been cheaper. There is a backlight and a touch screen display. This is truly my dream car. And the prices for a brand new UX are not weak. They also drove to the service to reflash something in the "brains", since the parking brake turned off. Excellent handling, effective brakes. The only negative: due to the high threshold and narrow doorway, it is difficult for passengers to climb into the back row, although the landing is comfortable. 02/17/2020 BMW X2 – although small, but still a real "Bavarian". White color. Therefore, I want to note the ease of control and a high level of comfort. In my opinion, the suspension is also too stiff, and the sound insulation is not very effective. Then I decided to check the car myself. Only 5.5 liters per hundred square meters in the city with eternal standing in traffic jams and 4.5 liters on the highway. I found a bunch of all sorts of options that make it easier to manage and make it as comfortable as possible. An excellent female car, but at the same time the lighter is still the same. Enough in the city and beyond, because the car is light. But at the same time, the visibility is not bad, the landing is high, the mirrors are large enough, the dimensions are well felt. bad just now the windshield wiper on the driver’s side leaves large uncleaned areas. Stylish appearance, comfortable, compact. The trunk is very well made, at the backs of the rear seats, three parts are folded separately. German beauty adapted to Russian roads and off-road. I took it in September 2018, while I am just getting acquainted with the possibilities. a higher profile, then you will not feel the pits on the road at all. Excellent soundproofing helps with this. The diesel version has four-wheel drive, a normal 8-speed “automatic”, and the real difference in price is only a little more than 200 thousand rubles compared to the modification with a gasoline engine. In all other respects, the machine pleases. In general, the impression is positive. Auto remembers the settings of the seats, mirrors, driving style and a list of favorite radio stations. I’ll start with the technical specifications. But would you get true German quality for less? Moreover, the car is produced in 2018, very fresh. I chose the version with a 4-cylinder gasoline engine, since the 3-cylinder version, in my opinion, is not serious and there is a robotic gearbox, which I do not trust, and a diesel engine is much more expensive, if the price were the same, I might have taken it diesel version. SUV, diesel (2.0 l), automatic transmission. Most of all complaints about equipment, there is no spare wheel and heated windshield. The equipment, of course, is so-so, I don’t have navigation and a rear view camera, but a leather interior. I am delighted with it, a great gift from my husband for my DR. It’s even harsh on the pits, the sleeping policemen need to drive carefully, otherwise it will shake normally. Rides – no worse than adult models, and maneuverability in urban conditions is perhaps even better. 07/14/2021 I bought a BMW X2 by accident, before that I drove a Toyota RAV4 for seven years – a good car, reliable, but tired, I wanted to change my life. You can write poems about how I chose an SUV for my wife after selling the Mini. In general, the impressions of the car are positive, at first I was delighted with it, but some shortcomings gradually came to light. All-wheel drive allows you to feel confident on a winter road, but the ground clearance is too small for a crossover – only 160 mm. At first I was seduced by the appearance and the well-known brand. However, the dimensions of the car are not an obstacle to parking. And the look still fascinates me. Personally, I do not like frankly “girly” cars, the BMW X2 looks quite solid especially in dark blue. This makes it comfortable to ride off-road and does not greatly affect how you feel inside the car. Firstly, I was in no hurry to acquire, I prepared mentally, because I did not know what I wanted. Handling is excellent, but only on good roads, if rutting appears, then the car scours – a very unpleasant feeling. BMW offers cars in fixed configurations, which allows you to save a lot on purchase, but you can add any options if you wish. I love SUVs and large cars since early childhood, so my choice fell on the BMW X2. Great women’s car. more The trip computer display is too low, it is not visible because of the steering wheel hub. The suspension is not bad, I haven’t really driven over bumps yet, but according to what happened, the car goes confidently, stably. 04/02/2019 Today I want to finally show you my purchase. Acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour in 7 seconds. The front bumper is quite high, you can park close to the curb. I chose a car from those that the dealer had in stock, before that I visited several salons. They put a protective mesh behind the radiator grill, because its "bars" are wide, you can catch a stone and other rubbish. I do not have enough forms at the back for aesthetic pleasure. 02/20/2019 One can write poems about how I chose an SUV for my wife after the sale of Mini. Version sDrive20i (so in the passport), front-wheel drive, 192 horses. Meet. more Ground clearance is large, there is a practical plastic body kit around. I was a little afraid to take a car with a diesel engine, I had never had one before, but the BMW X2 has a three-cylinder engine with a robotic gearbox in its initial configurations – not an option at all. In general, in simple trim levels, the car is poorly equipped, in particular, there are no all-round cameras, which are no longer uncommon on cars in the mass segment. I liked the beautiful and informative analog devices, now you rarely see anyone like that. And then the offer turns up – BMW X2. The automatic transmission is well tuned. Salon comfortable, spacious, roomy trunk. Frisky, excellent dynamics, quickly picking up speed, while cornering retains control. Massive thresholds are not covered by doors, and on our roads they are always dirty. I want to tell you about my first car. The beginning is already encouraging. Confidently behaves on the road, holds the band and smoothly enters into turns. Only the dimensions of the car, fortunately, are not for children. One of the wonderful features of the machine is the complete understanding of the owner. The engine is well matched to an 8-speed automatic transmission. The engine is not very voracious, on average the computer outputs 9-10 liters per 100 km, the city is 10-12. I chose red, like a child’s toy. Gasoline AI-95. But the "priest" is short. With this approach, you can make friends with the car in a couple of days. Engine size 2000 cm3, power 190 horsepower. Surprisingly, Mercedes-Benz and BMW could be purchased cheaper, since dealers provided significant discounts, although you have to take cars from those that are available, and the choice of options is not always optimal. We can assume that the car does everything for you. Automatic, 8 gears and four-wheel drive. For half a year I was waiting for this moment to give the most honest and objective assessment.

BMW X2 Reviews

BMW X2 light machine. I even looked after LEXUS UX, but I don’t like them, the soul doesn’t lie. 10/22/2018 BMW X2 light machine. At the same time, the consumption is relatively small, about 7 l / 100 km goes along the diesel fuel route. Today I want to finally brag to you about my purchase. Fuel consumption is only 5.5 liters in the city and 4.5 liters on the highway. Rolls very nicely.

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